Proposed Professional Governance Act Feedback Form

Regulations Intentions Paper Consequent to the proposed Professional Governance Act Comment Form

The purpose of this response form is to gather British Columbians’ comments, thoughts and suggestions on key topics to inform development of policy and regulations for implementing the proposed Professional Governance Act (Act). The proposed Act, which is intended to strengthen government oversight of regulatory bodies, was developed after the provincial government accepted the governance recommendations made in the independent final report submitted by Mark Haddock in June 2018. This report followed a comprehensive review of the professional reliance (PR) model in the natural resource (NR) sector. The proposed Act establishes an Office of the Superintendent of Professional Governance (Office) in the Ministry of Attorney General to administer the Act. The Office will provide centralized statutory authority for professional governance and help develop a consistent framework for how regulatory bodies govern registrants.

Government is seeking feedback and comments over a 90-day period on the following key policy areas requiring regulation development under the proposed Act (Part Two of the intentions paper):

  1. Practice rights of professions: what is required to support professions governed under the proposed Act to operate with both ‘reserved titles’ and ‘reserved practices’?  What considerations should guide the process of defining reserved practices for the professions?
  2. Regulation of firms: what is required to support professions governed under the proposed Act to regulate firms?  What general and profession specific considerations should this framework take into account?
  3. Competency declarations and conflict of interest declarations:  When and how should declarations be required and what should be considered to ensure this process is efficient and effective?

Comments on these three policy areas are welcomed, using this form or via a separate email submission to Fillable boxes are available for each question posed for the topics included in Part Two of the intentions paper. Government will consider input received during the public comment period when developing policy and regulations pursuant to the proposed Professional Governance ActPlease do not include any personally identifiable information about yourself or others in your responses.


Feedback received by March 4, 2019, will be incorporated in a “what we heard” summary report, which will be released publicly in spring 2019. 

Thank you for your time and comments.

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